Providing you with clean, luxurious linens is just the beginning of what our linen rental service has to offer. We are a one-stop service provider for many of your property’s needs. Our linen service offers two options. We can either launder the linens you already own or you can rent the linens from us. Either way, our services will impress your customers. We can advise on the stock levels to ensure you get the right quantities to suit your businesses operations. Our flexibility means that no matter what size of establishment, we can cater to your requirements.

At City Wash, we offer a full scope of rental, laundry and purchase programs to our customers with the flexibility in terms of their approach towards hospitality. Our Linens Rental Service Program offers low startup costs and the ability to budget your linens costs over time. It offers customers a more affordable option by providing a pool stock of linens which comprises of repairs and replacements without the added cost of purchasing and laundering service.

All merchandises are prepared with an identification tag and RFID chip. Upon return to our plant all soiled linens/ towels and work attires will go through a full gantry scanning station whereby all quantities collected will be captured and uploaded to Cloud in “Real Time” accessible to customers via an access link for accountability and transparency before washing and delivery. This eliminates the manual recording quantities of the soiled garments collected to be witnessed by your nominated supervisor and greatly improved the efficiency and time wasted during every collection / delivery day

Later, the clean merchandises are then checked for repairs and mended, then sorted ready for delivery to you.

Clean merchandises returning to your premises can easily be checked off with the printed delivery order against the scanned quantities uploaded to Cloud on the day of delivery. This will facilitate accurate tracking and control of all stock.

Simply contact us to find out MORE on how your organization can take advantages of the features from this service while we do the managing for you.