Country Clubs

Your country club members expect perfection both on and off the course.  You have running your facility down to a tee.  For the daily operations, your team keeps everything working smoothly.  Wouldn’t it be nice to connect with vendors just as dedicated as you? Although all country clubs are unique, the demand for service and quality is constant. Let us pamper your members with soft, luxurious bath towels, pool towels, tennis towels, and golf towels.

At City Wash, we understand your need for quality services. Allow us to help you find ways to lighten your load.

  • Table linens
  • Napkins
  • Aprons
  • Towels
  • Uniforms
  • Bed Linens

Why Use City Wash’s Enhanced Work Attire / Linen Rental Service?

a. Immediate cost saving

City Wash’s integrated service helps you to save more in terms of the total cost of purchasing, laundering, repairing, maintaining and inventory management

b. No initial investment

City Wash invests and provides all the linens and work attires. Low start-up cost and ability to budget costs over time

c. No hidden costs

The unit cost per item is pre-agreed and the monthly billing value is pre-determined by the usage set by customers

d. No headache over having insufficient clean linens

City Wash rotates and track the usage flow of the linens / attires to ensure continuity as well as consistency

e. No worry about replacement & repair

Small repairs like buttons lost and small tear are addressed by our Repair-Care team so that you will consistently receive presentable  linens / work attire that enhances your organization’s image

f. No worry about managing inventory

City Wash keeps stock and takes care of your new and old linens / work attires for your resigned and new employees