Our RFID equipment

City Wash has also invested in the latest UHF RFID chips from DATAMARS, a leading global supplier of high performance identification solutions.

With excellent bulk- reading performance and the highest level of thermal and mechanical resistance, our chips are small enough to be inserted into the narrow hems of tiny flat linen items as well as into the finest garments (making it widely suitable for private wear). The extraordinary no-wear feeling and unnoticeable look greatly improves the comfort of wearing a transponder.

These chips hold a unique number that is assigned to the individual garments. Once the number is allocated, the system stores (but not limited to) the following information:

  • Customer name
  • Department
  • Level
  • Employee information (Name, gender, employee number, locker number, etc.)
  • Garment information (Type, size, age, wash cycles, etc.)


We also partnered up with Bundle (SEA Pte Ltd), investing  in a variety of equipment to support our RFID endeavors. These equipment range from portable hand-held readers to an almost 100% error-free gantry.

Why Use City Wash’s Enhanced Work Attire / Linen Rental Service?

a. Immediate cost saving

City Wash’s integrated service helps you to save more in terms of the total cost of purchasing, laundering, repairing, maintaining and inventory management

b. No initial investment

City Wash invests and provides all the linens and work attires. Low start-up cost and ability to budget costs over time

c. No hidden costs

The unit cost per item is pre-agreed and the monthly billing value is pre-determined by the usage set by customers

d. No headache over having insufficient clean linens

City Wash rotates and track the usage flow of the linens / attires to ensure continuity as well as consistency

e. No worry about replacement & repair

Small repairs like buttons lost and small tear are addressed by our Repair-Care team so that you will consistently receive presentable  linens / work attire that enhances your organization’s image

f. No worry about managing inventory

City Wash keeps stock and takes care of your new and old linens / work attires for your resigned and new employees